A small town with a big heart

View of main street and  picturesque Cafe Milly and Romeo's and Koonwarra Store

Pick up a Koonwarra brochure from any of the businesses 
Brochure - Outside  -  Inside

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Around Koonwarra

Liquid Ambers in an array of colours with wattle in between on the sides of the rail trail leading out of Koonwarra

Autumn on the Rail Trail heading back to Leongatha

The water is rising and there is now no land outside the fence of our little cabin in the lake

Will it go under?
Little cabin in the middle of a lake
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The Storehouse

A remodelled business in Koonwarra

The Storehouse itself is a space that retails unique furnishings, exhibits local artists and offers a queen size room for overnight accommodation in The Store Room – you are welcome to visit and see our facilities.

Further information for customers and clients is available in house.


We are open Thursday to Sunday

please feel free to visit our website for even more information www.tjhb.com.au



Wilsons Promontory - .  Read about it    including  Visitor Information and Walking Trails. 

New photos also added.



Weather for Koonwarra


Koonwarra and District additions made to each page in this link except the fossil page


Prom Counry Events & Markets  - May 2012


 OPENING HOURS  7 days a week 8.30AM TO 4.30PM

Next convivial Dinner

Saturday October 18th, 2014, 7.00pm

PaddleWheel Producer of the Month - September 2014 

Thomas James Hodgkinson Burge - Stylist   www.tjhb.com.au


Koonwarra Escential Therapies 


Neighbourhood  Watch - South Gippsland Crime Watch
VicRoads Elderly Drivers' Check List


Jacqui Walsh - Wildlife Carer


Koonwarra has  been featured in a great write up on  



Native Animals at Jacqui Walsh's Wildlife Shelter

Baby wombat

Jacqui currently has 4 Wombats, an albino Koala, a mother and baby Koala and a very cute baby Wombat as well as a very noisy and demanding baby Magpie and other birds and 4 Joey Kangaroos.

Read more about Jacqui and her work

Would you like to help Jacqui with her work?  She is keen to acquire fencing materials, roofing iron, wire mesh, old aviaries and blankets.  Just let us know through the website "Contact Us".

The potato man

For further details and photos of the Koonwarra Farmers Market  click here

Koonwarra welcomes you!

Koonwarra is a contemporary rural village actively demonstrating sustainable living.  We were the first "Waste Wise Village" in Australia.  Our residents, businesses, community groups and local government work together to strengthen our region and preserve our valuable natural resources.

We invite you to visit our town, enjoy its beautiful surroundings and experience its abundance and vision.

In 2005 the majority of Koonwarra Community Groups and Businesses committed to become waste wise.  This sustainable initiative, in partnership with Gippsland Regional Waste Management Group established Koonwarra as the first Waste Wise Village in Australia and ensures the responsible disposal of our village's waste products.  Several new businesses established since this time have also begun the process of becoming waste wise.

Around Koonwarra


Fresh vegetables outside the Paddlewheel Farmers Market Store
Avenue of trees in Autumn

The wattles that grow each side of the Liquid Ambers are now showing their glory
 Rail Trail leading up to theStore with autumn colour in the trees
Wattles along the side of the Rail Trail
  One Liquid Amber has retained its leaves and they contrast with the yellow of the Wattle
  One Liquid Amber in full Autumn colour
contrasts with the gold of the Wattle

Small old fashioned cottage on a mound in a farm lake near  the Village
Summer  2010

The lake is now huge and the cabin is completely surrounded
The water is onto the picket fence and now there is a cream boat in the water by the jetty
Summer 2011
Memorial Park on a lovely sunny day in Autumn

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